Time to Happen to Things…

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”

– Leonardo da Vinci

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the future of my artwork and where I intend to take it when the time comes; the steps that I need to take in order to eventually turn my artistry into a business and livelihood. These thoughts can at times seem daunting or like an immense challenge and in many respects they are; equally though there is nothing in life that I can think of that is rewarding without being challenging in some way.

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New Updates!!!

I’ve been working on different aspects of my site this week and have made a lot of changes to everything, I’ve also finally updated my Portfolio at long last and put quite a few recent pieces of work on there.

There are still a couple of sections that are under construction, like my new “Insights” page, “Artist Statement” and I’m also strongly considering a page for written word/poetry. These unfinished pages will be sorted out shortly and I still have some more artwork to upload and plenty more blog posts to write, the ideas are flowing well and I endeavor to make more time each week or two to post something new and keep consistent from this point forth.


Romans 12:12

Romans 12:12 - Watercolour, Charcoal, on A4 Watercolour Paper
Romans 12:12 – Watercolour, Charcoal, on A4 Watercolour Paper

Romans 12:12 – Rejoice in the hope. Endure under tribulation. Persevere in prayer.

This piece of work took me about 4.5 hours to complete, I started by giving the paper a wash with yellow ochre watercolour, to give a kind of aged look to the surface I was to draw on. I then sketched out my wife’s hands in a praying position, using charcoal. I had to work from a photograph after the initial sketch so I worked all the detail and tone from photo, and heavily defined every line I could see clearly on the hands.

The title of this piece, is a scripture that I found afterwards that I thought to be quite fitting in more ways than one and I hope that the image conveys the meaning clearly.


It’s Been a While…

Ok, so I haven’t had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time in any kind of activity other than my coursework, which is being thrown at me thick and fast; although admittedly I’d rather be kept constantly occupied and busy than not be. I’m also slowly piecing together pieces of work that I feel happy enough with to put into my portfolio, a task that is proving to be very hard to accomplish as I’m overly self-critical. Luckily enough I will be joining a university that works in conjunction with the college I’m doing my Access course on at the moment, so I’ve been given the opportunity to apply later than the usual deadlines and can get more of a portfolio together.

I’ve been to see several exhibitions in the past couple of months as well, the most notable being “The Late Turner”, held at the Tate Britain; it was an amazing display of works and I had started to write a short review on the exhibition, but my writing habits haven’t been very fruitful, however I do intend to get it done and will probably have it done in the next month or so.

It’s been a crazy, manic and thoughtful start to the year and I find it totally astounding when I think of how much more immersed in the creative, mindful world of art I am than I was this time last year, and how much my knowledge of the art world has grown into a bubbling pot of excellence.

Today, I’m going to upload some pieces of work that I’ve been doing, updating my online portfolio and writing a short post for each piece of my work. On that note, I’m signing off of my ramblings about why I haven’t posted and moving onto getting some more work on here.


Artwork Uploads

Pen & Ink Eurasian Bear
Pen & Ink Eurasian Bear



Just a post to say that I’ve got some of my work uploaded today, in the portfolio section of my site and I will be posting some more soon as well. 

The work that I’ve been uploading so far was all work that was produced for an evening Art course that I attended from September last year, to gain a minor qualification known as an NCFE. The qualification itself is pretty meaningless but it was nice to get onto an evening course before my real college course started, it also gave me the discipline to get work started and finished.

Over the next couple of week I will be working on a project based in Colchester, so once my work from that starts coming together I’ll also be uploading that onto here. If you see this post and have a spare moment then by all means, feel free to check out my portfolio section.

Until next time.