Ruins Project – Part II – Concept Drawing

Hello and welcome to Part II of my Ruins art project, if you missed Part I, you can see that by Clicking Here.

With this project being a shorter one than the last one was, I have jumped the gun a bit in terms of getting straight into drawing up a final concept to use as a reference for the final painted piece of work. I didn’t want to drag it out and take another age before wrapping up the project as I need to get as many pieces of work added to the portfolio as soon as possible; moving fast but without detriment to the quality of the work.

Without further ado, here is the finished drawing –

Merlin's Resting Place - Concept Art - Sketch - Drawing - Fantasy - J Glover - Fine Art
Hic Requiescit Merlini Veneficus – Here Rests Merlin the Sorcerer

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Jack Whyte – A Dream of Eagles (Camulod Chronicles)

Jack Whyte - A Dream of Eagles
Jack Whyte – A Dream of Eagles

This 9 book series written by Jack Whyte, a Scottish-Canadian author was brought to my attention when I stumbled across the first two books of the series in ‘The Works’ and bought them. In the UK the series is titled “The Legends of Camelot” and having a keen interest in the Arthurian legend, I decided to give them a shot. The UK published versions of this series have also have different titles to the originals, to save confusion I’m going to list the books by their original titles as decided by the author himself.

A Dream of Eagles (Camulod Chronicles)

  • The Skystone
  • The Singing Sword
  • The Eagles’ Brood
  • The Saxon Shore
  • The Fort at River’s Bend
  • Metamorphosis
  • Uther
  • The Lance Thrower
  • The Eagle

I tore through the first two books within a week and I was straight online ordering the rest of the series, totally hooked and hungry for more.

In my opinion, and I have read and watched a vast amount of re-tellings of the Arthurian legend, this is the most realistic, believable and gripping version I have ever come across. Jack Whyte tells the story and places it in a believable time setting and structure, Camelot being formed just as the Roman legions are leaving Britain, starting off as a few villas and some farmland, built up by two Roman-British Legionaries and visionaries, Caius Brittanicus and Publius Varrus.

I would definitely recommend this series to anyone that is interested in historical fiction, Romans, Arthurian legend, Merlin and Camelot, it truly places everything perfectly and is a really enjoyable read. As I said before there are 9 books in the series and they’re not short books either, but they’re easy to make short work of with their page turning effect.

If you have already read this series of books or want some more information on them, feel free to get in touch via the comment section or email, I’m happy for a discussion.



The George Hotel
The George Hotel

Me and a friend decided last week to go on a visit to Britain’s most historical town, Colchester. We left just before 7 AM and after 3 buses and as many hours, we finally arrived at a our location with a fair amount of day still ahead of us to explore this ancient town.

Out of true heritage appreciation, we started our adventure in The George Hotel, at the bar, as the first beer orders of the day.

Aside from our early morning alcoholism, we did see some historical sites as the day progressed, the whole point of the venture was for me to do an area study for an art project I’m currently working on.

The main focus of my attention was on the castle and I was gutted to find it covered in scaffolding, but such is and I got on with my research.

Colchester Castle - South Entrance
Colchester Castle – South Entrance

I now have a stockpile of images and ideas that I’m working with in order to see this project through, so I will be uploading bits as I get them finished to a standard that I can happily post them.


Colchester is an absolutely beautiful town, to the eye at least, and is rich in history and is a place where you can immerse yourself in the scenery from the castle to the remnants of the ancient Roman walls.

Anyway, stay posted and keep an eye out for the sketches I’ll start uploading from next week some time.