The Concept Art of Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed is one of few video games that has held a firm place in my life, from it’s release in 2007 when I first managed to get my hands on it; borrowing it from a friend, I was hooked. The beautifully rich world design, coupled with the intensely gripping story line has fed my gaming appetite and left me wanting more for a good nine years.

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Morning Coffee VIII – Assassin’s Creed Movie

Good Morning!

I hope you found your way here without too much trouble and that you have a fresh cup of coffee at hand to enjoy throughout this week’s Morning Coffee.

The subject of this post is Assassin’s Creed but not the game, the movie which has been promised for some time now and is finally well under way; due to be released December 21st we have after a long and anxious wait been rewarded with a trailer.

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