Back from the Wilderness

After just over a fortnight without posting, I’m finally back from the wilderness and I thought that I should publish a brief update post for in the meantime, before I post Part IV of my Ruins Project later this week.

My blog has suffered some negligence so far this month which has mainly been circumstantial as opposed to not wanting to. I’ve not been wasting time however, my painting hasn’t suffered from my lack of attention as much as my writing has and that’s the main thing. I’ve also been cooking a lot lately, having rediscovered my passion for cooking and learning a ton of new recipes; mainly Italian dishes and desserts. With that in mind, becoming head chef in my house has been quite time consuming of late.

It helps with the inspiration and creativity side of things for me though, to occasionally take a step back, using my creativity in a different area and coming back to my real true love that is art with a fresh pair of eyes and a rejuvenated mind state; time in the wilderness to reflect and meditate on what is to come.

I’m also making some changes with my Morning Coffee posts as well, I’m going to use it as a fortnightly feature instead of weekly, and use the alternate weeks to get involved with the Weekend Coffee Share. This weekend will be my first post for Weekend Coffee Share and therefore gives me a good deal of time between Morning Coffee posts, in order to come up with and research for some interesting topics of discussion; doing the thinking and researching from six in the morning and then writing a post has proven to be a challenging feat;

after all, I’m an artist that writes, not a writer that arts.

So all in all I’ve got a lot of ground to cover in the upcoming weeks and months, and I’ve got some big plans for future art projects after the Ruins one is completed that I can’t wait to get started on.

So until later this week when I publish my next post, I bid you farewell and take care! 



Fresh Start

New Zealand – Auckland – Rangitoto Sun Rise – By Steven Mileham

I have made this new blog to have a fresh start, I had one previous to this but I was new to the whole concept so I decided  to delete the old site and have created a new one, with a bit more savvy about how it works.

The main focus of what I post is going to be art-related although there will also be other topics that I decide to muse and blog about.

I am also picking up my artwork that had to be sent off for my Art course that I’ve just completed and I have bought myself a scanner, so I will be able to get my portfolio started and keep it updated regularly.

For this post now I’m going to leave it short and sweet but I will be posting again soon, I hope if you come across this blog you will enjoy the content and feel free to comment and follow.